Selena Gomez celebrates her 28th birthday with the love of her fans

Selena Gomez celebrates her 28th birthday with the love of her fans. The singer has shown her strength as a woman in recent years. Selena Gomez celebrates her 28th birthday with the love of her fans and loved ones.

The singer is living a new stage in her life, over the years, Sel has lived beautiful and sad experiences, but she has known how to get up and fight against disorders such as anxiety and lupus treatments that she suffers, demonstrating her strength as woman.

Through social networks, the Selenators have shared various messages of congratulation sand weakness for the singer, in addition, they have shared photos and videos of the moments they have lived next door from Selena, as well as childhood memories and shows like “The Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Selena is turning 28, becoming a strong adult woman, who surprised with her musical and personal transformation in her album “Rare”, showing that she came out ahead of the episodes that marked her life, especially in love.

The singer also received several gifts such as a basket with various foods to prepare the best recipes, courtesy of HBO. From the early hours of this July 22, she was trending on hashtag #28YearsWithSelena, who started her career at a young age on the Barney show.

Since then, she has excelled in the industry with her music, she has also acted in films such as “Monte Carlo” and “Another Cinderella Story”, her most popular role was as “Alex” in the Disney Channel series.

The singer has also had to face crucial moments in her health, not only because of lupus, she also underwent a kidney transplant and went to therapy to alleviate her anxiety disorder. Sel is currently enjoying great success thanks to Rare and her evolution as a woman, mentally and emotionally.

Within her anecdotes, the singer revealed that although Cole Sprouse was her crush, she ended up kissing Dylan, her twin brother, since the scene she recorded for “Zack and Cody” touched her with him.

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