Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK, their song is called “Ice Cream”

At the beginning of August, Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK announced through social networks the surprise of a new collaboration, which caused a furor among the fans of the artist and the famous K-Pop group, but, what had Left intrigued by fans was the mysterious name of the song.

A few days ago they revealed to their followers that the new theme will be released on August 28, so users have been on the lookout for the publications shared by the girls to know more details about the expected collaboration.

In the recent photograph that the singer Selena Gomez shared on her official Instagram account, she released a preview of what will be the official video clip. In that image you can see the famous wearing a very flirty look while enjoying a delicious ice cream.

Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK reveal name

After a few days, the singers finally announced the name that the new song will have, so the official account of the K-Pop band BLACKPINK confirmed that the title of the single is “Ice Cream”.

After releasing more clues than their expected collaboration will be, the fans of the famous were fascinated by the name, as the theme promises to be something fun with a colorful and magic style, as it can be seen in the official poster that the K-Pop group shared on social media.

At the moment we only have to wait for the great premiere of the new song “Ice Cream” that will be released on August 28. Meanwhile, so many users have shared their amazement after knowing the name that the singers chose for their new collaboration. Did you like the title they chose?

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