Screenwriting guru Robert McKee demystifies character and structure

There are tons of scripts, guides, and templates out there – but how important are they?

Talking to a leading writer about writing is a treat in itself. Listen as Robert McKee shares all of his thoughts on what makes a screenplay and a screenwriter great.

In this episode we talk about …

  • Guest Robert McKee, his background in theater and novels, and the role his books have played in the world of screenwriting.
  • What makes writing exciting.
  • Whether or not there are “rules” for good screenwriting.
  • The principles and forms of writing.
  • The Influence of Aristotle on Writing Today.
  • What is really a scene, act, movement, season, etc.
  • Discussions about good character development and important principles for the relationship between character and story.
  • The difference between revelation and change, and how the audience’s perception of a character changes over the course of the plot, rather than the character itself changing.
  • McKee’s new book on the art of action writing, coming soon.
  • Why, frankly, an amateur to need advice at a good starting point in creating your characterization.
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