Samsung’s new mid-segment processor has appeared!

While Samsung’s new processor that will power its flagship phones was eagerly awaited, good news came for the middle segment. The Exynos 981 processor has appeared on the Bluetooth SIG site, which could be Samsung’s new pioneer of the mid-segment. Although we know very little about the processor yet, this processor can make a big impact in the middle segment.

Samsung’s Exynos 981 processor appeared for the first time

As you know, we see middle segment devices in the Galaxy A series. The last processor to power these devices was Exynos 980, and with this processor, we could see 5G support in the middle segment. While waiting for Samsung to name the successor of this processor by a name like “Exynos 1080”, a processor named Exynos 981 appeared on the Bluetooth SIG site.

exynos 981

The Exynos 980 was only a variation on the Galaxy A51, Samsung’s mid-segment phone that marked this year. If the Exynos 981 processor will not be used to add 5G to existing phones of the Galaxy A series, it will likely appear in newer models such as the Galaxy A52 or A72.

We told you that Exynos 980’s successor could name it something like Exynos 1080; If Exynos 981 has 5G support, the probability that the Exynos 1080 is a processor that does not support 5G may be stronger. When we look at the current smartphone market, we see that mid-segment phones with LTE support are selling well. Perhaps it is not right to associate 5G with the Exynos 1080 processor for now.

The only definite information about the processor is that it will support Bluetooth 5.2. This detail is not of the kind that will excite us, we will be conveying the developments to be announced in the future.

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