Samsung: next Galaxy Buds will be in-ear and anti-noise

This Friday (27), the SamMobile website revealed some possible details about the new iteration of the Galaxy Buds line, Samsung’s entirely wireless headphones. They must contain the news present in the Live model, the last one launched, with Active Noise Canceling (ANC). The big possible difference in the new version is the presence of rubberized tips, which should help its sound insulation.

In addition to the Active Noise Canceling mode, Samsung has also promised an improved version of the Ambient Sound mode, with superior and more defined sound quality. Both modes are already present in the latest Galaxy Buds Live and its curious ‘bean’ body, however, it suffers losses in sound clarity by adopting an ‘open’ input form – that is, not in-ear.

The lack of isolation in this ‘open’ way results in sound leaks and disables much of the Active Noise Canceling effect. Thus, a new version with rubber tips makes a lot of sense for its succession.

Still without confirmation as to what they will be called, the website 9to5 Google speculates that the future models of the line will be called ‘Galaxy Buds Beyond’ and should have a launch date close to the Galaxy S1, which should be announced in January 2021.

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