Samsung could offer more jobs to the next president

Still without a concrete conclusion, the last American election still has a lot to unfold due to the judicialization of the election, taking some time before we can effectively have the definition of the next occupant of the White House, and it is very likely that it will end up being confirmed for Democrat Joe Biden.

However, this lack of definition has not prevented Samsung from already confirming that the next North American signatory will have a strong reinforcement in its goal of reheating the economy in the post-pandemic, revealing that it intends to make new investments in the country to expand its operation by over there.

This is because, according to information disclosed by the company, its factory located in South Carolina will receive new investments, which possibly will help to expand the production line and, consequently, expand the employee base, which currently has more than 1000 employees linked 200 functions.

Also according to the company, that year alone, US $ 470 million was invested in the SEHA facilities, favoring in particular Newberry County and others nearby, reinforcing its importance for the regional economy in that region.

Samsung’s commitment to investments in the United States, however, is not inexplicable or “free”, having been partly stimulated by tax incentive programs to encourage companies to invest in the production of products in the United States.

Considering that possibly Biden will maintain the stimulus, it is possible to imagine that this will be a welcome aid for the recovery of the economy, so affected by the effects provided by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

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