Sam Riley, Natasia Demetriou and Jacob Anderson join Rom-Com ‘Timestalker’ – Deadline

Sam Riley Boarded Alice Lowe’s Cast Timestalker, alongside Lowe, Natasia Demetriou and Jacob Anderson in the romantic comedy about the unrequited love of a woman over centuries.

This is Lowe’s second feature film after 2016 Prevent, who was in Venice. Vaughan Sivell produced for Western Edge Pictures. HanWay Films increased its sales worldwide ahead of the European film market (March 1-5).

In the film, each member of the cast will return throughout every historical period, from the west of Scotland in the 1680s to the apocalyptic 22nd century.

“It’s so exciting to work on a larger scale on Timestalker – but with the same make-up of script and comedy improvisation and brilliant actors, ”Lowe said. “This film is my tribute to the most romantic epics. Sumptuous, lush and overflowing with emotion. This movie is going to be shameless. All the blushes and petticoats and suicidal lovers. The romantic era we all need a pinch of right now. Romance is not dead.

“Alice Lowe is part of a wave of exciting female talent coming from the UK right now. At a time when we need laughter and romance, with Timestalker she delivers it all, but twists and subverts it to give us something really fresh, irreverent, and playful. The rulebook is out the window here, and anything is possible, ”added Gabrielle Stewart, Managing Director of HanWay Films.

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