Sajid asks his fans to call him Sajid Wajid and says: “I changed my last name to Wajid”

Sajid Khan: “As long as I am alive I will work hard for people to remember Wajid” (PC: Instagram)

Sajid Khan, of the popular songwriting duo Sajid-Wajid, says his life has changed dramatically since his brother Wajid passed away in June of last year.

“Please feel free to call me Sajid Wajid because I changed my last name to Wajid. As long as I am alive I will continue to work hard to make sure everyone remembers his name, ”said a teary eyed Sajid with pauses, fighting for his words, as he opened up to IANS.

“Life has changed a lot. I do not know what to say. Somehow I have the feeling that he is always with me and that is what keeps me going. But everything has changed – our house, the perspective of the people, everything. He was only 47 years old and in those 47 years he was never separated from me. We grew up together eating from the same plate, and suddenly he passed away in front of my eyes. I still can’t believe it, ”he said.

“I don’t talk much about this topic. I sealed Wajid in my heart. It is very intact in my heart and will always be there, ”he said.

Discussions revolve around the emerging fashion for online performance during the Covid era. Is he interested in doing something like this? “I did a few online performances last year – that too so I could entertain Wajid, as he was hospitalized at that time. After that, I didn’t do any online performance. I think I want to stick to film music right now, that’s a huge responsibility, ”Sajid replied.

Speaking of Bollywood music, Internet users often complain about the remixes that dominate the scene and the original compositions that take precedence. What is his opinion?

“I don’t do this (remix), so I’m not affected by what people say. It is a phase that will eventually pass. Bollywood is like a sea and the musical motives are the waves. So many waves come and go, this is one of them. Some work, some don’t, ”explained the composer.

“Speaking of all of India, not just Bollywood, our music will continue to live on as long as we keep the melody. We are very melodious people who want to sing and dance at every little occasion. Different phases come and go, but the right melody and lyrics will never die in Indian music, ”he added.

Sajid is currently associated with Zee TV’s musical reality TV show “Indian Pro Music League”. Speaking of the same thing, he shared: “This is a whole new generation show that welcomes so many people and offers us a good margin of interaction with the competitors of our teams. Perhaps today’s newcomers who join the series will become the Captains 10 years later! They have a good opportunity for music as well as for grooming thanks to this show.

Since the show promises to give new singers a chance, what quality does Sajid look for in an aspiring talent?

“The first quality I see in a new singer is whether they are a good human being and well behaved. If you are a moderate singer, I can bring out your talent by using certain techniques. But for me, it is important that you are a good human being more than a good singer ”, concluded the musician.

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