SaGa Frontier returns in 2021; first details

SaGa Frontier Remastered is the next Square Enix classic to return to the front line. It will arrive in summer 2021 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobiles.

SaGa Frontier is back. The legendary Square Enix RPG, the first of the saga to debut on PlayStation, will arrive in the form of a remastering in the summer of next 2021. It will do so on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS and Android devices.

Added to the improvement in visual quality are additions that have a direct impact on the adventure. The seven main characters from the original (Asellus, Blue, Emelia, Lute, Red, Riki and T260G) will be joined by an eighth: Fuse. The knight will be controllable by the player and will have its own story line.

On the other hand, the highlight of the remastering rests on the new story elements. Events and video scenes not implemented in the original have been added. Asellus’s plot will be richer here. Playable it will receive improvements on par with other similar works from Square Enix, such as double speed, redesigned interfaces, increased resolution of all assets and more.

Unfortunately, it will not have a Spanish localization. The company itself takes advantage of the description of its first trailer to confirm that it will only arrive in English and Japanese. History weighs heavily on SaGa Frontier. As you will remember, each of the controllable characters has their own decisions that affect the events that we unlock, so you must remain attentive to everything that happens on screen.

You will find the first images of SaGa Frontier Remastered in its reveal trailer, which accompanies these lines at the top of the screen. The game joins a long list of classics that the Japanese company has wanted to give a new life. Beyond the remasters of the main Final Fantasy, in the middle part the Mana franchise stands out, with the remastering of Secret of Mana and the remake of Trials of Mana, in full 3D.

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