Safe sex on set and questions about Creative Cloud

What alternatives to Creative Cloud do you like?

This week we look at consenting to movies and televisions, the nature of nudity and onscreen violence, and navigating between options Creative cloud is not for you

In this episode we talk about …

  • Like Nathalie Emmanuel Game of Thrones recently stated that just because she was naked on the show doesn’t mean she would do it for other shows, and how that opens up conversations about nudity in the movie.
  • Why nudity should always be a new negotiation with every new contract.
  • The interesting fact that our culture allows for more violence than nudity in mainstream films.
  • The double standard between male and female nudity on television.
  • When nudity and violence are necessary for a film and when they are excessive.
  • How intimacy coordinators can keep sex scene jobs safe for actors.
  • How Adobe Creative Cloud is quite expensive – but arguably quite cheap for business.
  • Black Magic’s How Resolve is a free, alternative editing option that works well.
  • Pixelmater Pro which is pretty cheap and a great alternative to Photoshop for light machining.
  • Tricks for working in white rooms that are very difficult to light up.
  • The importance of light control – to determine where the light goes – when you have to shoot against white walls.

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