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When Amazon posted it in the heat of presidential election season, Next Borat movie captured the zeitgeist as Sacha Baron Cohen and co-star Maria Bakalova performed a father-daughter story with unwitting help from QAnon supporters, Vice President Mike Pence, and President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. The results included shocking revelations and often amusing interactions between the Kazakh TV reporter and Tutar, the girl he conspires to present as a gift to Pence, Giuliani, or anyone in the Trump administration who will welcome the Borat leader into the bosom of strong men. as was done with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and others.

Candidates’ film: live broadcast, schedule, programming

Baron Cohen, Bakalova, and director Jason Woliner discussed the film’s accomplishments on the Amazon Studios panel at Deadline’s Contenders Film awards season event.

Among the hurdles they overcame – which included threats of violence and arrest – was to take a film that had been largely completed and ready for theatrical release by Universal, and start again in a pandemic that has stopped most film productions, changing the plot on a fly.

Baron Cohen also shows why he and Woliner flipped the film upside down and had it ready to land in time to make an impact in the US election, and why for him the film would have been a pointless exercise if it hadn’t been for it. released when it was “To remind them of the gross negligence of Donald Trump, including the handling of this catastrophic virus.”

They also discuss how they were encouraged and disappointed with how the film’s subjects turned out in good and bad manners over the course of the film – including a Holocaust survivor who moved them so much that they did something unprecedented and came back to talk to him about it. the nature of the film.

Check back for the panel video.

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