Ryan Reynolds edits a photo to be with Hugh Jackman

Perhaps so much admiration that the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds feels for Hugh Jackman that he decided to edit a photograph so that he could appear with him, only that he was surprised

Edita Ryan Reynolds una foto para estar junto a Hugh Jackman(AFP)

Most of the fans of Ryan Reynolds and Australian actor Hugh Jackman know the “rivalry” that exists between the two, always playing jokes and above all making their fans laugh with their occurrences, as happened recently when the Canadian published a curious photo to manage to appear with his friend.

There have been countless memories that masters have in relation to each other, especially because they do not mind being ridiculed in public, as we have seen on several occasions, Blake Lively’s husband always finds an opportunity to make others smile.

Although both actors are very good friends, the supposed rivalry between the two is quite entertaining, especially because of the jokes that have come to be made between them.

Who is best known for doing it is Ryan Reynolds himself, because even his wife has been the victim of his jokes, which are mostly adorable, such as when he congratulated her on her birthday on Instagram by placing only a photograph where she left untidy or unprepared.

Recently through Instagram Hugh Jackman shared a photograph in which he appears standing on the sidewalk, with several buildings and constructions behind him, in the description he claimed to adore New York, said image was shared two days ago.

Upon seeing the photo, Ryan immediately took the opportunity to edit it because on the back of Jackman there was a video advertisement for the McDonalds brand, it was there that he decided to put a photograph of himself with an astonished face, the image was shared in his stories of Instagram and in ells wrote a greeting for his friend.

For this Hugh was not happy and in turn returned to upload the photo but to his stories where it appeared and Ryan only now he decided to put two rather cartoonish eyes on Ryan’s face, it was his way of answering and laughing at him.

Apparently the friendship between Reynolds and Jackman began in the movie “X men origins: Wolverine”, as you will remember if you are a fan of comics and movies in said film Ryan and Hugh shared credits, the Canadian’s character became “Deadpool” something different from the one we know today, perhaps this was the one who gave him the opportunity to interpret the one we know today.

From the moment they met for sure they clicked because both are extremely social, when Ryan found out that Jackman would stop playing the role of Wolverine, he began a tireless “bataIIa” for him to resume the role because as you will remember when the movies of Wolverine were released. “Deadpool! We know today both characters have had a marked rivalry.

This only caused that this rivalry took Ryan to real life, the actor has looked for a way to make Wolverine be played by his friend again, for that reason he makes constant jokes, of which the Australian has responded several things to his fans find it extremely funny.

Much has been said about a collaboration between the two for a new film, in fact it is a remake of “Contracara”, which previously starred Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in 1997, it may not be so difficult for Jackman and Reynolds to put themselves in their shoes Cage and Travolta because although the latter are legends in the cinema, both the Canadian and the Australian have very good filmographic records.

Although recently the leading actor of “Wolverine: Immortal” shared with his fans that both he and Ryan would put aside the supposed rivalry that exists between them, however the reality is that it seems that this is far from over, which they appreciate His Followers.

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