Ryan Adams Gets Clean FBI Token In S * xting Minor Fan Probe

Ryan Adams ‘cleared’ by the FBI in an investigation into the minor ‘s * xting’ fan (Photo credit – Instagram / Ryan Adams)

American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams was reportedly allowed to send sexual messages to a minor fan, following an FBI investigation.

“Ultimately, the FBI found no evidence to charge Ryan Adams with a felony and closed its investigation, without charge, in the fall of 2019,” the Page Six website said citing a source. .

In 2019, the New York Times reported seeing “extensive communication” between Adams and the fan, who went by the pseudonym “Ava.”

They communicated on different platforms, including Twitter where they sent direct messages. They reportedly started talking when Ava was 14, and more than 3,000 texts were sent between the two until she was 16. There were also explicit photographs that Ava allegedly sent to Ryan Adams.

Although they have never met in person, Ava also claimed to have had video chats via Skype.

Adams would have asked Ava, an aspiring bassist, about her age. “Do me a paranoid favor,” he wrote in November 2014 when he was 40 and 16, the Times claimed, adding, “Show me you’re 18”.

Ava, who is now said to be 21, replied that she was older than she was. However, she never showed her identity.

Ryan Adams, through his lawyer, Andrew Brettler, denied that he “ever had inappropriate online sexual communications with someone he knew was underage.”

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