“Rubina DilaikKe Saath Aisa Koi Ghani Dosti Nahi Hai But…”

Rahul Vaidya says he has no negativity for Rubina Dilaik (Photo credit: Instagram / rahulvaidyarkv, rubinadilaik)

Bigg Boss 14 last aired yesterday (Sunday, February 21), and we saw TV actress Rubina Dilaik lift the coveted trophy. As she was declared the winner, singer Rahul Vaidya came in second and was the first runner-up of the season. He had a terrific trip to the controversial house that made us all laugh, cry and scream.

After the show ended, at Koimoi’s, we caught up with Rahul for an exclusive chat. During our conversation, he told us about what he felt so close to winning the title, his relationship with Rubina, and what he plans to do soon after he returns home. Read everything below.

Speaking about the loss of the Bigg Boss 14 title to Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya said: “Ispe kya balu abhi! Ho toh gaya, woh toh apne dekh hi liya ki yeh hua hai. But khushi hai is baat ki ki ghar jaa raha hu. Ek bahut aachi travel rahi hai. Bigg Boss se bahut sheek ke jaa raha hu. (What can I see about that! It’s all done. But I’m happy to go home now, it’s been an amazing trip. I learned a lot from the show).

Speaking of a memorable moment on his Bigg Boss 14 journey, Rahul Vaidya said, “Memorable yeh hai ki mai sabke liye chai banata. Woh ab chai banana miss Karunga (laughs). (One of the most memorable things in the house was making tea for everyone. I will miss that now).

Anyone who has watched the show knows that Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya were still at odds. Speaking about his relationship with the Shakti actress after the show ended, Rahul said, “Rubi ke saath bahut aisa koi ghani dosti nahi hai but negativity bhi nahi hai. The show is over now, I wish him good luck. (I didn’t have an incredible friendship with Rubi but there is no more negativity now).

Thanking his fans for being there for him on his Bigg Boss 14 trip, Rahul Vaidya said, “Thanks for being there. Aap logo ne itna pyaar diya, isliye yaha tak pauncha. Please keep the love and support. (It is thanks to your immense love that I have reached this position). “

We asked Bigg Boss 14’s first finalist about his plans. And his response will put a smile on your face. Responding to our question, he said, “Honestly, abhi toh bahar aaya hut oh kya phone hai, kya message hai kuch nahi pata. Pehle khana toh khau, uske baad dekhege kya karna hai. (Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on. First, I’ll go eat some and then we’ll see. “

Watch our exclusive chat with Rahul Vaidya here:

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