Rosamund Pike reveals he buried his awards with ‘a little presence’ in his backyard


Actress ROSAMUND PIKE buries her awards in her back garden because she finds it uncomfortable to see them lie about the house.

The I Care A Lot star, who recently won her first Golden Globe, insists no one will find any distinction on a shelf in their home – or even in the bathroom, where many stars display an Oscar or Grammy. .

“I just find it difficult to display an award in your house because how do people interact with them when they get home?” Rosamund shared during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Do they say, ‘Oh, wow… these are your rewards?’

“I think it’s awkward, so I bury it in the garden with a little bit of emphasis, so you can get an attractive glimpse of one hand or the globe maybe.”

And she likes the idea that the future owner of her house will win rewards for renovations: “In the future, when I’m dead and gone – or when someone else buys the house – they’ll move out. the landscape and they will. hit some metal and they’ll think they’ve found buried treasure and they’ll actually have found plenty of rewards.

“(They will) probably have centuries to come and they won’t even have them (rewards), so they’ll be relics.” (KL / WNVELL / SVB)

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