Rosalía invites Harry Styles to fix their nails together

Rosalía answered some questions from her fans and proposed to Harry Styles that they meet soon. Through her Twitter account , Rosalía mentioned Harry making him an invitation to fix their nails together

The Spanish singer used her Twitter to communicate with her followers and asked them if they had any questions for her to ask them at that time and she would answer some with pleasure. There were many fans who tried to get a response from the girl, however not all of them were so lucky.

Among the multiple doubts that her followers expressed, a user of this social network asked the singer about the British Harry Styles . The questioning was not directed at any particular topic such as a collaboration together or the experiences after their participation in the Adore You video, it simply said ‘ And Harry Styles? ‘

Rosalia responded very cheerfully and even tagged Harry in her response. Rather than addressing the girl who asked about the singer, she wrote herself referring directly to Harry, whom he asked to notify him when he had his next nail-fixing appointment , so they could come at the same time to share the moment.

The invitation of Rosalia was written mostly in Spanish, which gave a touch of fun to your return.

It should be noted that Rosalía is on the list of people that Harry Styles follows on Twitter. In addition, the 16-year-old singer previously participated in the music video for the song Adore You, where she narrated the story of Eroda, the site where the story of the Harry Styles music clip unfolds .

Rosalía’s fans continue to look forward to her collaboration with Billie Eilish. Previously the Spanish asked Billie to send her her part of the song so that she could finish preparing this melody.

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