Rohff accuses Booba of being the first on the music charts!

Rohff and Booba don’t seem tired of their repeated clashes. But this war could well take a new turn! The war will therefore never end! In the soap opera Booba – Rohff, this is the umpteenth episode. Indeed, the two French rappers continue to unleash their best shots.


This time around, the 92i interpreter Veyron may well have hit Rohff right in the heart. Indeed, the Duke of Boulogne shared an excerpt from one of his interviews in his story on Instagram.

However, the latter did not just comment. Indeed, B2o allowed himself to put a filter on his head. It looks like he’s twenty years older than he should be.

For his part, Rohff does not let himself be defeated. Indeed, the one who has just been attacked also grants himself a right of reply.


Indeed, Booba was also clashed. Recently, Rohff accuses him of having bought “views” so that his new track “5G” appears in the TOP of the music charts.

Thus, he writes: “Buy back big stream !!! Your 5G tube is Top 117 on Itunes. We see the truth elsewhere, even the radio can do nothing for you. More noise about nothing. And Spoti your buddy over there maintains you and closes your eyes but elsewhere it sucks. Puts a stroke of CB. I say your sound is boring. But hey you rap as best you can. Continue Zumba it suits you better ”.

A few hours later, Rohff reiterated. He then writes: “It’s good Erk Elie, you listened to me 1 credit card and hop you won 12 places in 30 minutes at 2 o’clock in the morning. Save the Honor “, followed by several laughing emojis.

The latter therefore does not seem to want to lower his guard. We just have to wait for the Duke of Boulogne’s response … once again!

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