Review and summary of the movie Nobody (2021)

Other than one scene that makes Yulian a psychopathic villain that lasts a little too long, Naishuller is smart enough to use the momentum of the bus scene to push through the rest of the story. “Nobody” is an incredibly fast movie, an experience that seems nowhere near as long as its 92 minute duration. You could argue that the film could have used a bit more of a prologue that would make Becca and their children characters instead of functions for the plot, but there is a tension to “Nobody” that is often lacking in modern films. , reminiscent of the economics of the “John Wick” films, which is one of the greatest strengths of this trilogy.

Then there is Odenkirk. Watching ‘Nobody’ a second time made it easier to appreciate how much he brings to a role that someone could easily have fallen asleep for a paycheck (it would be a much smaller movie with the current King of Performance. Paycheck, Bruce Willis, for Example). Odenkirk skillfully sells both halves of Hutch, making his current family life and violent past believable. It’s a clever performance, which shouldn’t surprise fans of his work on “Breaking Bad” and “Saul,” but it’s also a wonderfully physical performance as it renders the stunt work and choreography of authentic combat. The supporting cast is strong – especially RZA and Lloyd, who know exactly what to bring to this project – but it’s Odenkirk’s movie through and through, and he’s nails it.

Unsurprisingly from the director of madness who is “Hardcore Henry,” Naishuller has a habit of overplaying his stylistic hand every now and then with slow-motion edits set to unusual musical choices. And there’s a version of the movie that seems to have higher stakes – no one ever really feels in danger here (at least “John Wick” had the dog). But Naishuller ultimately gets what matters here, giving a talented actor an unexpected vehicle to drive really fast with just enough bloodshed for action fans, and not too much blood for average audiences. It’s the rare modern action movie that makes me hope it does well enough to produce a sequel. (I also think there is potential for a “John Wick vs Nobody” crossover project that would gross around $ 1 billion worldwide.)

Ultimately, “Nobody” works because it values ​​scene building and action choreography above all else, leaving behind the pretense and over-intrigue that has been common in the genre in recent years. It doesn’t break the molds as much as presenting a great time in a familiar structure. After a year with too few action movies due to the blockbuster put on hold, “Nobody” gives viewers an adrenaline rush that feels almost new.

Only in theaters tomorrow, March 26.

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