Requested coronavirus test from party visitors

The young star of the show business celebrated her new age with a much debated party. Instagram, Backgrid USA

The young star, who was criticized for this reason, turned a blind eye to all this and did not even respond.

Kendall Jenner, one of the most attractive names in the fashion world, celebrated her 25th birthday with a party on the weekend.

100 guests attended the celebration and the fun continued until the first light of the morning. But Jenner has also been criticized for doing this, for failing to comply with pandemic measures.

Judging by the images that Jenner shared on her social media account, none of the guests wore a mask, and social distance rules were ignored.

It is also stated that those who serve those who attend the party are disturbed by this situation. The waiters in charge of the party, on the other hand, kept their masks on their faces.

It is also among the allegations that Jenner asked his guests, whom he invited to the party, to have a Covid 19 test.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner and her entire family did not feel any discomfort due to the virus during the party, according to a source speaking to the press. They all felt safe as the party took place in the open air.

However, according to the same person, the waiters serving at the party were nervous because none of the guests followed the rules of masks and social distance.

In addition to the coronavirus test requirement, Jenner also wanted to impose a social media ban on the participants. A warning notice was placed on the tables saying “Take the photos you want, but please do not share them on social media.” However, Kendall Jenner’s guests did not follow this rule at all.

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