Renny Harlin says he could live without food … but not without movies

Renny Harlin refused to let his doubters win.

Renny Harlin is one of the great action film directors who has hugely influenced the genre and continues to have a lot of love and passion for his craft. He brings this enthusiasm and many helpful insights into the conversation today.

In this episode we talk about …

  • What led Renny Harlin to become a film director and his early influences growing up in Finland which has a very small film industry.
  • How much Harlin loves what he does and how grateful he is to do what he does.
  • Harlin’s early years shot commercials, then got noticed and switched to television and eventually movies.
  • How Harlin survived and stayed motivated when he first moved to the United States and lived in utter poverty to break into the industry.
  • Make the leap from the living paycheck to the paycheck to be on the cusp of the action movie genre (with movies like Die hard 2) to refuse work.
  • Why you must create happiness by working hard and being persistent.
  • Lessons Harlin learned the hard way throughout his career.
  • Why he turned away from certain opportunities presented to him.
  • How technology has changed over the course of Harlin’s career and how that affects his approach.
  • The importance of ground rules and maintaining trust with the audience no matter how much technology and CGI is available.
  • How he learns to get better on the set and how he learned from the audience in test screenings.

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