Remote control carts will race on the Moon in 2021

In partnership with Intuitive Machines, Moon Mark, a company focused on the production of multimedia entertainment and educational content, will hold the first race of remote control carts on the Moon. The initiative, which should take place in 2021, will result from a competition between students of high school in the United States – and the main objective of the project, say the responsible ones, is to encourage young explorers to dedicate their attention to the Universe.

Mary L. Hagy, CEO and founder of the company, celebrates: “The success of Intuitive Machines in the aerospace sector, in autonomous systems and in human space flight, in addition to its talent in space commercialization, will ensure that the dream becomes a reality” – offering “never seen before” opportunities for future generations, adds Steve Altemus, CEO and founder of the praised.

Six diverse teams will face a series of qualification challenges, involving drones and autonomous vehicle races, electronic games and a space marketing entrepreneurship contest. The top two “will gain a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build devices and compete with two vehicles on the Moon.”

“Taca-le pau, Marco Véio”

Once built, the devices will be transported by the Nova-C Lunar Lander and a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Then, competitors will race their rovers remotely, navigating rough terrain. The entire event will be captured by a sphere of cameras.

“Together, Moon Mark and Intuitive Machines will create a global multimedia campaign that will present authentic stories from each team on this journey and create traditional and non-traditional educational experiences, providing accessible content for students, teachers and the public,” promises Hagy

Opportunities for personalized sponsorships, brand integrations and licensing for associated products are part of the action – which, according to the executive, will not have a delay that would harm the students’ experience. “We will have visuals, telemetry and commands almost in real time.”

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