Remarkable claim about the 2022 iPhone camera

Information about Apple’s work for the coming years continues to emerge. Recently, the details of the camera feature that Apple will use in the iPhone model to be introduced in 2022 came to the fore. As far as it is understood, the 2022 iPhone model will take place in the market with a significant improvement in the camera.

10x optical zoom on 2022 iPhone models

According to new information, Apple is carrying out different studies on the camera to be used in mobile devices in the coming years. These studies include the ability to zoom up to 10x. The striking point in this regard is that Apple is not using a 10x optical zoom camera, but planning to make this feature without changing the dimensions of the camera part.

2022 iphone

It was first stated by Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for leaks related to Apple, that such a study was carried out and could be completed by 2022. It was also stated that he was working with leading Korean and Chinese optical companies Semco and Sunny Optical. Now, similar new information has come to the fore.

Another claim on this subject is that Apple may use Samsung’s camera sensors in the next iPhone models. As it is still a long time, new information about the 2021 and 2022 iPhone models will continue to emerge in the future.

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