Recreate Spike Lee’s double dolly shot at home

One of the most stylized recordings in the cinema can be recreated in your garden using these three things.

Dollies are one of the most important tools in filmmaking. The use of a dolly in movie and music videos is very common to create a smooth movement that follows the actor or artist. No dolly trick is cooler than Spike Lee’s double dolly.

The double dolly invented and popularized by Spike Lee creates a slight break from the reality of the film and at the same time increases the mood of the scene. To recreate the shot, a traditional dolly has a camera attached to one end, while the actor is placed directly opposite the camera on either the same dolly platform or a separate dolly. If you’re looking for a more practical way to recreate the double dolly shot at home, The art department showed us how to take this sick home shot with a trailer, a truck and a traffic-free street. View his full video here:

To begin with, it is important to know why you are using the double dolly shot. Lee even said that when he first started this technique, it was only to demonstrate his skills. It wasn’t until later in his career that he began to be more conscious of recording to improve the mood of the scene. Do the same if you plan to use the double dolly for your shoot.

Once you’ve decided which to shoot, here’s what you need to recreate the double dolly look:

  • pendant
  • Truck with trailer coupling
  • 85mm lens camera
  • An empty street

Place your camera near the front of the trailer and actor wherever it looks best in the picture. The Art Department used an 85mm lens to capture the background while creating a detailed portrait. To create movement, have the truck pull the trailer down a traffic-free street and hit the record. The shot may be a little shaky, but after a few adjustments, you’ll get the shot you want. Maybe the person is too far back, or the truck isn’t moving fast or slow enough for the camera to capture what you had in mind. Play around with it.

It’s a simple trick, but the simplest tricks can have the greatest impact. When you create movement in your projects, the whole thing feels a little more cinematic. Not everyone has the luxury of two dollies, let alone one, so using the tools you have at home will save you time and money while performing the visual trick you want.

Let us know what you think of this DIY double dolly tick in the comments below!

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