Recovers classic terror in a new trailer for Xbox Series X

The title will launch next year 2021 and will put us in the surroundings of a devastated Chernobyl. The game is displayed on the Xbox Games Showcase.

STALKER 2 has been one of the great announcements of the Xbox Games Showcase this July 23. The title of GSC Game World is coming soon to PC and Xbox Series X and has shown in a new trailer all its splendor to recreate a unique setting in which Chernobyl is the main protagonist. And yes, it will launch on Xbox Game Pass.

Despite its cancellation in 2010, the project is still ongoing and will be released sometime in 2021. As we see in the trailer, the title looks spectacular on a technical level and will take advantage of the power of the new generation of Microsoft, where it will be fully optimized with the latest version of Unreal Engine 4. “(The Unreal Engine 4) fits well with our goal of making mod creation easier and more accessible. User mods have kept the Zone alive as we work on the sequel and we couldn’t be more grateful for that, ”they stated.

Xbox Series X, the most powerful console with the “most varied” catalog

Microsoft is convinced that Xbox Series X will hit the market this Christmas with the largest and most varied launch catalog we’ve ever seen. “Honestly, I think we are in the position with the best launch catalog I’ve ever seen on Xbox,” said Phil Spencer recently.

All this without counting that Xbox Game Pass will be included from the first day, so that we will be able to access a catalog of more than a hundred current games, from large publishers and of an independent nature; including the new big bets from Microsoft’s internal studios, always available since its launch on this platform.

Xbox Series X will have functions that will take advantage of its SSD memory such as Quick Resume to guarantee that even if we turn off or restart the console we will always have an immediate resume with several titles at the same time; a kind of shared suspension with the advantage that returning will be a matter of tenths of a second.

The 12 TFLOPS GPU and the 1 TB storage SSD will go hand in hand along with a 16 GB RAM and a custom CPU that will also achieve a real-time ray tracing technique accelerated by the hardware itself . All this and more is what Xbox Series X promises, the Microsoft console that wants 4K at 60 FPS to be a standard. This Christmas we will have the console in stores around the world.

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