Reconstructed Discord’s Single Focal Point Will Not Be Games

The famous application Discord, which is one of the meeting places of the gaming community, announced that it will now offer platforms not only for game lovers but also for all kinds of communities. Discord stated that it would also attach importance to security in the restructuring process.

Discord, the voice and text communication application developed for video game enthusiast players, is undergoing a radical restructuring. Bringing over 250 million users together with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and web versions, Discord will now enable every user, whether gaming or other community, to open a chat server and communicate with their friends.

The company statement noted that many of the users so far have come to the platform through the game and are therefore grateful for it, while today many Discord users are using the application for daily communication. Commenting on the blog page, the company said, “You share your thoughts about music, books and art, create servers to be yourself and experience good things with your friends.”

What will change?

Essentially, this reconfiguration means ‘modernized’ acceptance experience and updated templates, making it easy to set up servers for current and new Discord users. In addition, Discord claims to be one of the main focus of user security. “We will continue to fight decisively against those who advocate white superiority, racists and those who want to use Discord for evil,” the company said. Discord also said that they corrected hundreds of errors and also increased their audio and video capacity by 200 percent.

The application’s website also shows tips on changes. While the brand motto of the application is changed to ‘Your place where you speak’, playing on the landing page only touches once. Although Discord emphasizes the importance of users coming together outside of the game in restructuring, financial risks and more mainstream requests are also considered to be effective in this change.

Towards the end of the blog post, Discord’s last funding phase, which speaks of ‘100 million dollars of additional financing’, saw an increase of $ 150 million in the valuation of $ 2 billion. This was in 2018, when the company experienced its own digital store front for games. A lot has changed since then, especially due to the coronavirus pandemic in recent months. Since the beginning of this year, the number of people using the app daily has increased by 50 percent in the US, 100 percent in Spain and France, and 200 percent in Italy.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Discord saw these statistics as an opportunity to raise additional capital, and began negotiating with investors for appraising $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion. Speaking to Engadget, a Discord official also confirmed that the $ 100 million investment mentioned in the blog post is new funding. In this case, it is okay to say that the company is given a higher value.

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