realme Race visual appeared! CPU surprise

It is preparing to come out with a new flagship smartphone model called realme Race. Judging by the leaked images and processor details, it will be competitive like the Race name. Here are the details:

Some features of the realme Race model also revealed

realme is preparing to launch one of the first smartphone models to use the Snapdragon 888 processor. The brand, which changed the name of the Ace series that it took over from the Oppo brand and made Race, uses similar lines in terms of design.

Apart from the image showing the rear camera setup, some realme Race features have also appeared. According to this leaked information, the flagship will appear with the Snapdragon 888 processor. The processor, which has just been introduced today and the features of the graphics unit have not been clarified, comes up with a 5 nm fabrication process.

The processor will appear with an eight-core structure and a 1 + 3 + 4 core distribution. One of these cores is the new generation Cortex X1 core.

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realme Race, on the other hand, came up with information about storage and RAM outside the processor. Accordingly, the smartphone will appear with an ambitious RAM of 12 GB.

On the storage side, there is only one option such as 256 GB. The camera setup appeared as a quad in a round camera socket like the Oppo Ace 2.

The Ace 2, introduced by Oppo in April, became one of the brand’s successful flagship smartphone models. However, information revealed in September claimed that the Ace series was transferred to the realme brand. Judging by this leaked information, it turned out that the allegations were true.

The first information is that the Race model will be introduced in January or February. This will enable the model to be the first smartphone model to use Snapdragon 888 if it is introduced before the S21. How do you think the first realme Race features appeared? We are waiting your comments.

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