Read Jeff Bezos’ storytelling tips

Amazon bought MGM and Jeff Bezos has some storytelling ideas for the kids.

Today Amazon bought MGM for $ 8.5 billion and everyone is excited about what they are going to do with the films. Sure, having 4,000 titles on your platform is amazing, and taking control of franchises like James Bond seems like a smart move too, but where are they going in the future?

Well, while we were all speculating, Brad Stone’s author referred us to a page on his bio of Amazon CEO where he talks about the types of stories he wants to focus on.

That’s a pretty interesting list of very different ideas. It seems like some of MGM’s features would fit in there if they wanted to recreate them, but I hope they buy original scripts to produce them under the MGM banner as well.

Do you have an idea that fits into Bezo’s favorite story?

Let us know in the comments.

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