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EXCLUSIVE: Today, Disney is rolling out Raya and the last dragon, which is undoubtedly his first national hybrid theatrical release; second in the world if you count Mulan. The animated film which is booked in 2,045 theaters, without around 250 Cinemark locations, but including the newly reopened New York market, is poised to earn a notable $ 3 million today and between $ 9M to $ 10M domestic this weekend by industry estimates and that’s with availability on Disney + for the additional price of $ 30.

So when it comes to building a roster of promotional partners, Lylle Breier, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships and Promotions at Disney, and her team, took into account the title’s audience and the growth of moviegoers. during the pandemic.

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‘Raya and the last dragon’

Even more notable on the Raya and the last dragon campaign, not only is Disney partnering with brands that are genuinely asian and true to the spirit of the film, but the movie studio is falling behind and supporting a number of young local advertisers.

“We have some great general market partners, McDonalds, LG, P&G, and Kellogg’s, but we also wanted to make sure we were mixing our promotional program with authentic Southeast Asian brands, like Omsum and Sanzo, to really reflect the fact that this film is such a beautiful tribute to the culture of Southeast Asia, ”Breier tells Deadline.

“We have very smart cultural consultants on the film, our filmmakers and actors are amazing and very involved, and so we made sure to go to very authentic brands,” she adds.

Disney worked with the Gold House agency to find partners such as Omsom and Sanzo, who Rayathe story of a warrior who is determined to find the last dragon in a kingdom known as Kumandra, a reimagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization.

“It’s a contemporary film, and it’s happening at an unprecedented time in the world, and so we wanted to have a modern campaign where we could find great brands that do a good job of meeting people where they are. , just like the choice. we give our guests to see the film in theaters or on Disney +. Obe Fitness and Raddish cooking club are two brands that have really met the moment and are booming, ”explains Breier.

Water is an important motive in Raya, so Disney teamed up with the first Asian American inspired sparkling water, Sanzo, started by the Filipino American Sandro Rocco. The promotion focused on Calamansi flavored water, a tangy citrus fruit native to the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia. The Raya-The Sanzo campaign includes a personalized advertising spot, paid social media and a cover of the drink’s website.

By targeting the main demo in the photo, Disney has teamed up with Radish, the first monthly subscription kit and cooking club for kids, with recipes specially created for them to learn key cooking skills and build confidence in the kitchen. The campaign included a social media raffle, personalized spot, digital media, two content and three Raya– personalized recipes and kits on the theme with co-branded packaging. Of particular note is that there were cooking events and a Facebook Live, featuring Southeast Asian chef David Nguyen of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, who spoke about the event. ‘importance of food and culture within Raya.

Also drawing on the food theme of the photo and the power of women, the studio has found a perfect partner in the Asian spice and sauce brand. Omsom, co-founded by sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham, who are first generation Americans of Vietnamese descent, daughters of Vietnamese refugees. Omsom will present Raya themed packaging on their Southeast Asian sampler with recipes, as well as personalized advertising, and tapping on their social media and website for functionality.


Draw the attention of millennials back home to Raya was also a priority for Disney, and live and on-demand fitness instructor Obe served as the main announcer for the studio. Qui Nguyen, co-writer and fight choreographer of Raya and the last dragon, met with instructors from Obe to discuss the film’s inspiration, fighting styles, and how these styles have played a role in health and fitness in many cultures. Of those six ten minutes Raya inspired classes have been created, inspiring families to be strong and discover the hero inside, including Kumandran Magic Sculpt, Kumandran Magic Dance Cardio, Battle Squad Family Friendly Strength, Battle Squad Family Friendly Dance HIIT, Heart of Raya Strength and heart of Raya HIIT (high intensity interval training). In total, the Obe campaign generated 3.8 million impressions.

Automakers are usually the biggest promotional partners who bring a considerable amount of money to a campaign, but they were challenged greatly during the pandemic with declining sales and a delay in delivery of model year models. last. That said, the take-out and drive-in activities of fast food advertisers continue to climb during Covid, with these brands providing the second best cash value to a photo campaign. Mcdonalds is a longtime studio partner of Burbank, Ca and offers a 360-degree campaign featuring the Happy Meal branding and action figures from the photo as well as a personalized spot with digital activation. All in 70M Raya numbers will be available at 20K McDonalds restaurants.

More Eternal Disney Promotion Partners Return For Raya understand Proctor & GambleThe Oral-B toothbrush and Crest toothpaste that will carry the logos and heroine in the photo. These licensed products will be available at Target and Walmart. Kellogg’s will also promote the film on their social networks.


As Disney raises the profile of its Disney + streaming service, they want audiences to know how they can bring the cinema experience to their homes. Similar to the second season of The Mandalorian who teamed up with the Sonos soundbar, LG OLED TV was Raya’s great technological partner. The TV line is known for its intense colors and perfect blacks with no flicker and minimal blue light – ideal for watching the vividly colored feature film by filmmakers Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada. LG’s marketing included a personalized spot, digital and social pushes, and in addition, they sponsored the Raya and the last dragon “Learn to Draw” live red carpet launch event.

“No brand is too small if the quality is there, if the authenticity is there, if the commitment is there, and if we can make a really good program; this is the first ”, exclaims Breier about RayaThe Promotion Partners of, “Our promotion team is very caring, specific and attentive to each film we work on. No campaign is alike ”

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