Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Could Be A Global Reserve Entity

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal explained that he believes there could be a global reserve asset for Bitcoin in a program. Pal argued that pandemic and economic stimulus packages could lead to this result.

Ash Bennington talked about Bitcoin, reserve assets and the global economy in his Daily Brief program with Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal. Bennigton asked Pal a few questions about the future of Bitcoin. In his answers, Raoul Pal addressed all the questions from the coronavirus pandemic to the global economies and investors. Pal commented that this month, Bitcoin rose above 20% both with CBDC statements by central banks and PayPal’s move, which is an indication that many people globally are beginning to adopt Bitcoin more. One of his prominent comments was his belief that Bitcoin can be considered as a global reserve asset.

Can Bitcoin be a reserve asset?

Raoul Pal said in an interview with Ash Bennington on the Real Vision Daily Brief program that we will have to continue to talk about the coronavirus pandemic and the economy in the coming winter, whether we like it or not, believing Bitcoin can be used as a global reserve currency to deal with these problems. told. The reason for this belief was that central banks will print more money as part of the economy stimulus packages and the value of fiat currencies against other assets has started to decline.

2021 will be important for Bitcoin

Pal said that more and more people are starting to adopt Bitcoin. Pal said this will be a key key factor for Bitcoin in 2021. According to him, the number of Bitcoin adopters soared after central banks CBDC statements and PayPal’s support for payments with cryptocurrencies. Pal also said that Bitcoin is the biggest legal payment tool it has ever seen.

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