Rahul Vaidya advises Aly Goni to shoot a romantic number with Jasmin Bhasin, says: “Mera Gut Feel Kehta Hai Bhai …”

Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya recommends a creative way for Aly and Jasmin to explore their new relationship; Read on to find out more! (Photo credit – Jasmin Bhasin / Rahul Vaidya / Instagram)

Musical Might Rahul Vaidya is familiar with the world of artistic music video shooting given his success in the music industry. In the latest clip for the Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip on Voot, we see Rahul and Aly engage in an interesting conversation discussing the possibility of Aly exploring his love for his girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin with a romantic clip!

In a playful discussion, Rahul Vaidya recommends a creative idea, stating: “Mera gut feel kehta hai bhai, tu bol raha tha na ki bahar ja ke tu aur Jasmine ek party song karoge? Pehle romantic song Karna. “

“Baad mein joh karna hai kar. Woh side tum dono ka explore ho na. It must be love, travel joh puri rahi hai show me, uske baad ganna aae aisa, romantic. Bohot bada mat shoot kar, simple and pleasant. Acha ganna woh hota hai joh ek bhi insaan nahi bol sakta ki I don’t like it, ”added Rahul Vaidya.

Do you think new couple Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin will finish filming a romantic ballad for viewers to put their eyes on Rahul Vaidya’s advice? Find out first only about Bigg Boss Extra Masala on Voot. To find out more and everything in between in the entertainment world, stick with Koimoi!

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