Raghav Juyal urges everyone to adopt villages and help rural areas amid Covid crisis

Raghav Juyal calls on all to adopt villages in India and urgently help them during this difficult time (Photo credit – Facebook)

Dancer, choreographer and actor, Raghav Juyal has worked hard to help people, especially in rural Uttarakhand, amid the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opening up on what inspired him to take this initiative, Raghav told IANS: “My acquaintances and I have received distress calls from rural Uttarakhand for oxygen and life-saving equipment for positive patients in the region. Covid-19. We reached out to some government officials to understand the situation and were told that help from all walks of life at this time is crucial. The government has also assured us to support us in Uttarakhand in any way possible.

Raghav Juyal expressed his gratitude to those who stood by his side in this noble cause. He said: “My friends, acquaintances, followers, our volunteers, friends in the TV and film industry, government officials and donors around the world – I am amazed and overwhelmed at how much everyone is doing. world stands by our side in this initiative, “he said.

Asked what he and his team have done so far to help ordinary people in the state, Raghav Juyal said: “We were able to send D-type cylinders to help Pauri Garhwal with the help of officers. and volunteers in the field. This achievement motivated my team, and now we have many more oxygen cylinders, medicine and beds coming to the hill districts to save the lives of needy villagers in the distant Himalayan hills.

Boy Dehradun, 29, added: “At present, more than 130 volunteers, mainly from different parts of the country, are helping us to help patients find ambulances, oxygen beds, gas cylinders. oxygen, intensive care beds, blood donors, etc. also works in the field to manage logistics in more than 10 districts. “

Opening on the issues he faces in this initiative, Raghav Juyal said, “The availability of amenities, equipment, medicines, supplies, etc. in remote villages was a problem, as was the unavailability of trained technicians to operate oxygen cylinders and concentrators. Managing logistics between different towns and villages in the hills in an emergency situation is another challenge. “

Raghav Juyal is also appealing for more funds to carry out his task. The dancer said: “So far we have used up all our aid and are in the process of raising more funds. We have started a fundraising campaign and need more people who can donate to us as we aim to cover around 5,000 villages. “

Working with people affected by Covid-19 can also pose a risk to their health. Asked about the same, Raghav Juyal said: “My family and I have recovered from Covid recently. We couldn’t take the time to rest as the second wave of Covid made its way through remote villages. We follow all the protocols like the double mask, the PPE kit for volunteers working in the field and the disinfection of boxes of medical supplies, etc. “

Asked if critics qualify his gesture as a publicity stunt, what would he say in response? Raghav smiles and says, “Critics will always have an opinion on anything and everything. I will do whatever it takes to help the people of Uttarakhand. I call on my friends, followers and critics to come together and create teams to adopt villages that need help. Any village in the country can be adopted, all we have to do is urgently reach out. “

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