Quentin Tarantino thinks these four books should be on your shelf

Quentin Tarantino wants you to take a break and read a book.

While Quentin Tarantino makes the rounds to promote his new one Romanization of Once upon a time in Hollywood, he’s been quite chatty on talk shows, on the radio, and a podcast or two (dozen). Tarantino has always had a flair for pushing the undiscovered, with his film selections ranging from classics to little-seen exploitation films. But now that he’s looking to promote a book, he’s bringing these recommendations to the literary world.

During an interview with The bigger picture Podcast Tarantino has selected the four books he loves most. Let’s take a look at them below.

Quentin Tarantino thinks these four books should be on your shelf

Do you know what it was like before James Dean died? Well, this paperback helps contextualize the whole world through the eyes of a student whose world is shaken when his hero is lost forever.

This is Tarantino’s favorite book and has been out of print for a long time. If you want a copy I would suggest trying it out a used copy on eBay or a library search.

Minahan is Tarantino’s favorite author and someone who has worked a lot on film adaptations and novel adaptations. You can almost see Tarantino dive back into these books as he prepares to write the novella write Once upon a time in Hollywood.

This book was adapted from the script by Steve Tesich for the neo-noir of the same name from 1981 and directed by Peter Yates. It’s the story of a janitor who witnesses a murder and then falls in love with a local reporter who covers the story.

This is not a short story, but a novel. Terence Malick was once involved in translating it onto the screen.

It is set in the 1950s and it follows one New Orleans stockbroker, movie fanatic, and Korean War veteran in search of the meaning in life. I wonder if this has any references to Tarantino’s next and final film, or how it reflects some of the characters we’ve seen in his previous films.

We end with another novella. This was announced by Tarantino as better than the film. On several podcasts, he mentions that he thought the book was in the first place, it is that good. It is the story of two people who become parents of a child who was sent to earth on a mission from the devil. Don’t read this late at night!

There are so many books on screenwriting out there, and only a few of them are really important. If you want to read about the industry and the ways of creating stories, you want to read the best advice there is. Check them out today!

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