Quentin Tarantino says that the music in his films has an art

What is your favorite thing about Tarantino’s use of music in his films?

One of the purest joys in a Tarantino movie is hearing the needle drop as different scenes or lines of dialogue begin. From cutting off an ear during “Stuck in the Middle with You” in Reservoir Dogs to the Evaluation of the violence of the bride in Kill bill, Tarantino never misses when it comes to the melodies.

Now we have QT’s explanation of why his music is art in his films.

In a booklet that came with The Tarantino connection, a collection of soundtrack songs from his films, Explained Tarantino“One of the things I do when I start a film, when I am writing a film, or when I have an idea for a film, is I dig through my record collection and just start playing songs to find the personality . ” Find the spirit of the movie … Then, “Boom”, at some point I’ll hit a song, two or three, or one song in particular. “Oh, this is going to be a great opening song.” ”

Tarantino continued: “The opening credits are very important to me as this is the only mood that most films give themselves. A cool credit sequence and the music that plays before it, or the note played, or any music you choose to do, whatever you want to do sets the tone for the movie that is important to you. That’s why I always try to find out what the correct opening or closing balance should look like early on, just thinking about the story. Once I find it, it really stimulates me to what the personality of the piece should be, what the rhythm of this piece should be. ”

I love to hear how Tarantino expands, how he just blows up songs until he finds just the right feeling. Of course, a big budget can help there, but he’s really looking for the right track that hits the notes but also accentuates the story.

It is real art.

Would you like to see theory in practice? Tarantino talks about how that Dick Dale’s song “Misirlou” fits in pulp Fiction.

“Having ‘Misirlou’ as the opening credits is just so intense that it just says, ‘You’re watching an epic, you’re watching that great old movie, just sit back.’ It’s so loud and booming that it throws down a glove that the movie has to live up to, it’s like saying, “We’re big!”

Of course, no Tarantino song chat is complete without mentioning it Reservoir Dogswho set the tone early on for extreme violence and extreme fun that stand side by side in the ear cutting scene.

“That’s one of the things about using music in movies that is so cool, the fact that if you get it right, if you use the right song, in the right scene; When you record songs and put them in a sequence in a movie, it’s about as cinematic as possible, ”Tarantino said. “You really do what films do better than any other art form. It really works in this visceral, emotional, cinematic way that is just something special. ”

He expanded that idea and said, “And if you get it right, and get it right, the effect is that you can never really hear that song again without thinking about the image from the movie. I don’t know if Gerry Rafferty really appreciated the connotations I brought to “Stuck in the Middle with You”. Chances are he didn’t. ”

Of course, music not only inspires what happens on screen, but is part of every step in Taratino’s process. He often writes about music that may not be in the movie, but helps him hit on what needs to be done on the page.

As Tarantino said, “Music is very, very important in my films. In a way, the most important phase, whether it ends in the movie or not, is only when I get the idea myself before actually sitting down and starting to write. What I’m looking for is the spirit of the film, the beat that the film will play with. ”

What are the musical moments in Tarantino that make your head spin? Are you a fan of writing to music to express yourself on the page?

Let us know in the comments.

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