Quentin Tarantino plays film trivia about Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel recently donned legend Quentin Tarantino and tested his extensive film knowledge.

Kimmel has been known to have quirky fun with his guests, and this episode was no different.

After her interview, Tarantino was blindfolded by Kimmel as he explained the rules of the game. The director was supposed to have a synopsis read aloud from the back of old VHS films and had to guess the title.

You’d think Tarantino could never be wrong about film history, but he was surprisingly at a loss about some of them.

He totally missed Tom Hanks’ Movie Mazes and monsters and was only partially correct on his first videotape, Hard body.

Although he was impressed to guess the actual name of a band that was mislabeled on the cover. Tarantino has nothing to prove in terms of his film skills, of course, but it was still fun to see him rattle on.

Check out the full interview with Tarantino below:

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