Quentin Tarantino buys another cinema

Tarantino has concrete plans for The Vista from Christmas 2021.

Quentin Tarantino continues to put his money where his mouth is (and where his heart is) as he bought another movie theater in Los Angeles, this time with the intention of showing “new films coming out where they give us a film print. ”

According to Deadline‘Tarantino isn’t going to make another revival house like he did with the New Beverly, but this time he’s keen to bring new releases to the public. On celluloid.

He claimed on a podcast with Dax Shepard that the New Beverly Theater “has its own vibe” and that this venue will serve a different purpose.

As the theater business evolves and adjusts to the dominance of streaming, Tarantino seems to feel that people want an experience different from that of their own living room.

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