Punjabi singer Harshdeep Kaur releases ‘Extremely soulful’ single ‘Behaal’

Harshdeep Kaur unveils his ‘hugely moving’ single ‘Behaal’ (Photo credit – Harshdeep Kaur / Instagram)

Singer Harshdeep Kaur released her new single on Thursday, which she describes as extremely moving.

Entitled “Behaal”, the Punjabi song draws on the sounds of electro, folk and pop music. The number is sung by Harshdeep and Goldie Sohel, who also composed it.

“Although it is a gentle dance piece, ‘Behaal’ is extremely moving and melody based. We used different folk instruments like the morchang and the rabab with the mandolin and the electric guitar, which explains the earthy but bright sound of this piece. This song is sure to win hearts as it is extremely catchy and beautifully produced, ”said Harshdeep, known for his Bollywood hits like“ Katiya Karun ”and“ Dilbaro ”.

Her new song is about the journey of a girl where she chooses love above all.

“I am honored to have collaborated with one of Harshdeep Kaur’s most touching singers. With the production and the arrangement, we tried something new. There are various sounds of electro, folk and pop, ”Goldie said.

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