PS5 test: does the next-gen console keep its promises?

It has been several days since we have had the pleasure of testing the PlayStation 5, which arrives with great promises for gamers. Are these promises kept? Here is our verdict!

After months of teasing, suspense, reveals, hopes, questions: that’s it, the PlayStation 5 is about to land! We’ve been lucky enough to have it in our hands for quite a few days now and here are our first impressions of the next-gen made by Sony. Let’s start with an aesthetic point: as expected, this PS5 is quite simply massive! Delivered with its base, it can be positioned upright or lying down and in both cases, it will have to make room. Despite everything, we quickly get used to its somewhat confusing design, especially when we see that the justification for its size, namely better ventilation and a better cooling system, is fully verified after our many hours of play.

Yes, the PlayStation 5 is totally silent! In the middle of the game, you have to mute the sound and strain your ears right next to the console to hear a very small noise, barely audible. In addition, we have also seen that it does not tend to heat up excessively, even after several hours of playing in a row. Speaking of games, we were able to feast on Spider-Man Miles Morales, whose test you can find here, and have fun as we should with Astro’s Playroom, the free game built into the PS5. Without betraying a secret, this very nice little game takes us directly into the bowels of the console.

But its real interest results in the fact that it perfectly introduces the specificities of the DualSense, the controller of the PS5 of which we have already published the test. If you had to synthesize, we would tell you that it quickly established itself in our minds as the best controller ever created on PlayStation. That’s good, we expected no less from her! The DualSense promised great things, and that promise is kept. What about the infamous SSD supposed to do so much on info processing speed? Well there too, the result is amazing. Not that this is surprising, because we already knew the benefits of an SSD, but seeing its effectiveness on a game console for the first time is a real treat. Need to change the language of a game and the game must restart to apply this change? In just two seconds, you’re done!

From then on, going from one application to another (leaving a game to see the multimedia gallery to check your screenshots for example) is done with disconcerting speed and fluidity. The console interface, both simpler and more complete than that of the PS4, is all the more magnified. And of course, seeing that you can start or resume a game without any loading time is a real treat! Speaking of feast, we were therefore able to witness the first steps of the console in terms of graphics capabilities. We know that it’s throughout the life of a machine that we can see the developers get the most of the power they have, so we will consider Spider-Man Miles Morales as a trial run.

We are currently testing the PlayStation 5 on a Sony Oled AG9 (2019) screen, the opportunity to be moved by the beauty and fluidity of the game from Insomniac Games. The 4K + HDR alliance is perfectly served by the graphics power of the console, which allowed us to string together Spidey’s combos with fluidity. We also scrutinized the contribution of the famous Ray Tracing (each ray of light is simulated individually, in order to create ultra-realistic shadow effects and reflections) and it is clear that we have caught ourselves several times at the game of marveling in front of this snowy Manhattan and its winter sunsets. Our TV is not HDmi 2.1 compatible, we could not test the 4K at 120 FPS but anyway, this first big game of the console does not offer it.

La DualSense a tout bon !

That hasn’t stopped us from raving about the visual quality of the game on numerous occasions, that’s for sure. It is also the same observation in front of Astro’s Playroom, which turns out to be a very beautiful little platform game. This PS5 has it all, and the best is yet to come! Regarding backward compatibility, access to our game library is very clear and it is therefore very easy to import your PS4 games (99% are playable on PS5) and play them. However, many of these games, including PlayStation Studios productions, will be entitled to a patch to boost them in order to play them with a better refresh rate, among other things. Almost all of these games are not yet patched, so we are unable to address the subject in this review. The same goes for all the services on the console (PlayStation Store, the media section, PS Plus, PS Now, entertainment apps) which are not yet up to date, which is quite understandable at the moment. . A little word besides on the fact that it embeds an Ultra Blu-Ray player (which the PS4 Pro, incomprehensibly, did not have) and that the moviegoers will be able (finally) to feast as it should be with their 4K HDR wafers! Note also that the console was a little noisier when reading a Blu-Ray than when playing a game.


Promises made, promises kept. The PS5 is fast, silent, does not heat up, offers a gaming experience that awakens all our senses thanks in particular to the brilliant DualSense (the best PlayStation controller ever): we were won over by this first try! Of course, it is with time and many hours of use that we will see what this PlayStation 5 is capable of, but the technical gap with its big sister is nonetheless certain. It only takes a few minutes spent on an AAA like Spider-Man Miles Morales to realize how much the gaming experience is. Also, load times are a thing of the past now, playing a game on PS5 is instant and smooth. Once the phase of “where I am going to put this massive console within my installation” has passed, it is pure happiness and it makes you want to discover even more games! Rest assured: the PS5 is a next-gen experience that takes console video gaming a major step forward.

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