PS5 takes the lead in the first weeks of sales in Spain

Now that the new generation of consoles is already among us, the first information about video game sales around the planet began to appear. In Spain, for example, Sony’s system managed to start with a significant advantage over its direct rival!

In the first week of sales, the Xbox Series X | S managed to sell 14,100 units by adding the two versions of the console, while the two versions of the PS5 reached an impressive 43,000 units between editions with and without a disc player.

Both video games are currently sold out in the country and until the next batch of PS5, already announced for December 15th, all of their reserves have been sold! According to local sources, with much effort it is still possible to find one or another Xbox Series S giving soup in stores.

Scrutinizing the data, the PS5 sold 5,000 units in the digital version, against 38,000 editions with a disc player. The Xbox Series X managed to sell 10,500 units, surpassing the 3,600 Xbox Series S already sold.

For comparison, in the same period the PS4 sold 38,000 consoles, the PS3 35,000, the PS2 40,000, the Xbox One 15,000 and the Xbox 360 14,900. What do you think will be the best selling system of the new generation? Comment below!

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