PS5 simulator: pretend you have a console on your PC

the PS5 was released this Thursday (19) in Brazil. But, if you were unable to purchase the consoles, on Steam there is a free option to ease your suffering: a game that simulates receiving the PlayStation 5 at your home.

Although too simple, the game calls attention for creativity. In it, the goal is to open the box of your video game, and install it on the TV in your virtual room. But for that, you must be very careful not to make a wrong connection or even drop the device on the floor.

For this, you have a series of accessories, such as 5G router, HDMI and power cables, wrench, scissors and even a packet of snacks. A curiosity in the game is that, after installed, the game presents a screen similar to the PS4, but with the PS5 logo, and not that of the new Sony console.

Alex Grade, the game’s creator, makes it very clear that the idea is not to provide an experience similar to having a PlayStation 5, but to have the feeling of opening the console and plugging it into the TV for the first time.

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