PS5: How to stream games on Twitch from a PlayStation 5

Sony remembers the content creators and offers a short tutorial getting started guide for sharing live games on Twitch.

When the last generation of Sony began, PS4 incorporated the Share button in its controller, which initially did not aim to be as important as it has finally turned out. Playing and sharing is already part of the daily life of many players; to the point that many can dedicate their working lives to creating video game content. In PS5 everything will be easier and faster with Create.

YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and similar portals are the channel chosen by a large majority, but the latter is the one that currently dominates the market for live video game broadcasts. And the DualSense, with its Create button, is the protagonist. So we can stream games on Twitch from a PS5.

Twitch and PS5 will have direct link: play and share directly

  • If a few weeks ago we learned that applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify or Twitch were going to be incorporated into the PS5 launching this November 12 (November 19 in Europe), it is time to get into the operation of Amazon’s streaming-centric solution, the one with the purple symbol.
  • The first and essential thing is to create an account on Twitch. We can do it from a computer or a mobile app. They recommend the iOS or Android app for convenience, configuration, and other easy-to-access Stream Manager. They also explain other aspects of transmission; We invite you to consult the source at the bottom of the news.
  • Turn on your PS5 and open the Twitch app, which will ask you to scan a QR code or enter the code provided on from your browser. Once you log in, you will see that everything is recognizable: your account, your subscriptions, your things. The difference is that you will now have linked your PSN (PlayStation Network) account with Twitch.
  • While playing any of the PS5 or PS4 video games on your PlayStation 5, press the Create button (the one at the top left of the touchpad) and select Cast. Next, select Twitch. Alternatively, you can select Cast from your PS5’s custom control center. You can even use the microphone on the DualSense controller to comment on your games.
  • Give your broadcast a title, add the PS5 HD camera if you have it. You can choose your video quality options in the Capture & Streams section of your console menu.
  • When you stream your games live, clicking Start Stream will automatically assign your chosen game. You are already live. To stop transmitting, press the Create button on your DualSense remote, Transmit and Stop transmitting.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are already available in countries like the United States and Japan; in Europe we will have to wait until November 19 to receive them at home. You can check out all the confirmed launch games, our review of the console and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

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