PS5 designer claims “bigger” in their early designs

The art director of the PlayStation 5 project, Yujin Morisawa, acknowledges that his first sketches bet on a much more generous size.

PS5, Sony’s new generation console, is almost among us, since it will arrive on the Spanish market on November 19 (on the 12th in other territories such as the United States), a console with a very particular appearance and whose design is already it aroused all kinds of opinions since its official presentation a few months ago. So much so, that beyond its organic and fluid lines, one of the most surprising aspects is its size, something that has become even more evident after the first unboxings of the console; like ours. Now, its main designer, Yujin Morisawa, has spoken about it in a recent interview with The Washington Post, assuring that the first sketches of the console were betting on an even larger size.

A much larger original design

“When I started drawing, [PS5] was much bigger, even though engineering told me it was too big. So I had to reduce its size a bit compared to the first sketches, ”says the Japanese creative. All this to guarantee an air flow large enough to guarantee a cooling of the console to the height of its internal characteristics.

“I knew how much airflow it would need and how much space was required for a heat sink,” says Morisawa. “If I made it thinner, there would be less air flow. It would annoy the player while he is playing ”, referring to the higher fan speed to counteract a more contained internal size.

Already talking about its design and leaving aside its dimensions, Morisawa explains that with these lines and surfaces he intended to “sculpt the invisible matter between the player and engineering”, not without losing sight of the concept of the five dimensions in the sense that PS5 is a tool that allows the player to live in other worlds. Will we ever get to see the first scrapped PlayStation 5 sketches and designs?

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