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Yellow Fidget Cube

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Fidget Cube is the most awesome fidgeting toy that helps in relieving stress and looks great on your desk.

Use fidget cube to increase productivity when working in an office, , use fidget cube to increase focus while studying and just around the time when you are watching TV or doing nothing, use it to keep your hands busy.

Carry it everywhere. Its so portable that it fits right in your pocket

Fidget Cube is great for kids, students, professionals and anybody else who is into fidgeting ;)


  • Spin with the rotating dial
  • Click all you want with 3 buttons with audible clicks and 2 buttons with silent clicks
  • Roll with the set of 3 tactical gears and a ball that clicks as well
  • Glide with a joystick so you don't fell too far away from your play station
  • Relieve all your anxiety with the breathe surface inspired from worry stones
  • Obsessed with switches, now flip as much as you want without drawing attention

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