Priyanka Chopra Sent ‘Spy’ Security Officer To Click Photos Of Nick Jonas With His Mother So She Can Use Her ‘Quantico’ Skills

Priyanka Chopra opens up about sending security personnel to spy on Nick Jonas and his mother in 2018 (Photo credit – Facebook)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently became an author and published her memoir “Unfinished”. In her book, the actress spoke about her journey from Miss World in 2000 to becoming a global icon. She also explained how Hollywood came to Bollywood.

Actress White Tiger and Nick Jonas are one of Hollywood’s powerful couples. They married in 2018 and the two have never shied away from expressing themselves on social media. The two often share romantic photos on social media, setting dating goals for internet users.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas shared an interesting anecdote from a few days before her marriage to Nick Jonas in her memoir “Unfinished”. She revealed that she previously sent her security guard to spy on Nick Jonas when he took her mother to lunch without her, reports Sputnik News.

The incident stemmed from Nick’s visit to India in June 2018, when the two started dating. Priyanka couldn’t stay calm about Nick’s first meeting with his mother. She explained how this was a big step for her in the relationship and that he wasn’t sure what the two would talk about or if the reunion would prove awkward.

In her book she wrote: “I went into worrying mode… This afternoon I sat in a meeting surrounded by 20 people and I couldn’t stop wondering what Nick and my mom were doing at this. exact moment”. So she sent a member of her security team to take a picture of them so she could analyze their body language.

“Unable to take the suspense any longer, I sent a member of my security team to take pictures of them at the restaurant they had been to – OK, to spy on them – so I could study their body language using my ‘Quantico’ skills, ‘Priyanka writes in the book.

Priyanka Chopra added, “I sent my security guard and I was like, ‘Why don’t you just go to the hotel and just call me from there?’ And he goes to the hotel and he calls me from there and I’m like, ‘Get out your camera and take a picture of where they are and send it to me.’ Security personnel obligated and did not ask further questions.

Later, when the Quantico actress revealed it to her husband Nick Jonas, he wasn’t surprised by it.

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