Priyanka Chopra enjoys people comparing her to a new Pokémon, a green firecracker, a hot air balloon and more

Priyanka Chopra Jonas loves being a meme (Photo credit: Instagram / Priyanka Chopra)

The joke is on Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The actress is currently surrounded by fan-made memes that are flooding social media, and she’s laughing at herself.

Priyanka posted a series of memes to Instagram Stories throughout Wednesday, featuring her in an original costume shaped like a ball.

One user compared the look of Priyanka Chopra Jonas to a new pokemon named Priyankemon, while another imagined it as a ball Virat Kohli was about to catch during cricket action. Others made Priyanka blow horns, hot air balloons and parachutes in her puffy costume. Users have turned her into a green firecracker and pufferfish.


Take a look at the memes shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas here:

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