Prince Charles will be king, ready to surrender the throne?

Prince Charles, soon to be king and ready to cede the throne to Prince William? Quickly discover the new revelations.

Lately, the editor of melty revealed to you a surprising anecdote in which you learned that Hero Fiennes-Tiffin is related to the royal family of Great Britain. Speaking of the latter, know that new revelations have just fallen. It is no secret that Prince Charles occupies the first place in the order of succession to the throne. For this reason, it is therefore he and no one else who will succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Unless Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband decides to give way to his eldest son, Prince William. Indeed, for several months, many rumors announce the withdrawal of Prince Charles from the succession of the British throne in favor of the Duke of Cambridge.

But, as reported by our colleagues at the Cosmopolitan, according to Robert Lacey, an author specializing in the British royal family, Prince Charles will not cede the throne to Prince William. The writer said on Good Morning Britain, via the Daily Mail: “There is such loyalty and respect for the Queen. When we look to the future (…) Charles and Camilla could they to be king and queen? Or would it be better if it was William and Kate, who are already at the center of enormous popularity and who clearly assume the role of future ruler? ” Robert Lacey later also clarified: “Personally, I don’t think Prince Charles would voluntarily step aside from the fate he has waited so long.” So these are revelations that again sow doubt. Also, know that Prince Charles, soon to be king, would be ready to oust certain members of the royal family when he is crowned.

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