Pride 2020, 6 songs to celebrate LGBT pride month

Pride Month has already begun. Between protests, demonstrations and activism, the LGBT community seeks that their rights are respected, since they have the same freedom as the rest of the people. Several celebrities have declared themselves part of the community, others have declared their support through songs, donations or pro expressions during their concerts.

This month is also a kind of anniversary, because in 1969 there were clashes between LGBT communities against the police, this movement that exploded in Stonewall, New York, is what gave rise to the various struggles and movements. We leave you 6 songs to celebrate Pride Month.

Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles

The Briton has always shown his support for the community, and his motto Treat People With Kindness “represents his desire that all people be treated the same regardless of gender, race or preference.

You need to clam down Taylor Swift

The singer returned to music with her album “Lover”, this song talks about focusing on the positive and not supporting or paying attention to the hatred that is received in networks or people who criticize others.

In your video, I include the LGBT community in support of your cause.

Wrabel – The Village

An emotional song about acceptance and how difficult it is to declare yourself as part of the LGBT community, because in modern times there are still ideas that it is a bad thing.

Born this way – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most supportive of this community, the singer speaks in her song that one should feel pride in being the way they are, because that is how they were born and nobody has the right to change you.


I want to break free – QUEEN

One of the greatest rock figures sang this hymn about wanting to be free.

The Greatest – Sia

Sia sings that a person should not give up in the face of adversity, because there will be someone who will be with them, this song talks about becoming someone that nobody can bring down, because you are strong, whatever you are.

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