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This post was written by Christopher Azar and originally appeared on Adobe blog on 06/22/2021.

For almost 30 years, Adobe Premiere Pro has pushed the boundaries of technology to give users the features they need to bring their creative vision to life. Over that time, we’ve seen the video change drastically. There are now more platforms, channels, formats, export options, cameras and entrances than ever before. With video development, we know how our customers use Adobe’s creative tools and we need to innovate with the industry.

For Premiere Pro, this means a radical improvement in the end-to-end experience, not just for people who use the tool day in and day out, but also for the next generation of developers. Our new vision for Premiere Pro begins with updated import and export capabilities and a streamlined header bar that makes workflows easier to learn, more efficient and more enjoyable. We want Premiere Pro to become a more intuitive yet powerful editing tool that can meet tomorrow’s demands while helping today’s developers meet the needs of delivering high quality content in a short time and optimizing content for multiple social platforms fulfill.

This UI update is a journey that is a long time coming. It’s a nuanced challenge to modernize a 30-year-old app for new types of video content (like social videos that just didn’t exist when Premiere Pro was first developed) while respecting the needs and demands of traditional post-production.

We knew we had to get it right, so we put together a cross-functional product design, research, engineering, and customer experience team that collected data and worked closely with our customers on their wants and needs to ensure the new experience was so is as beautiful as it is functional.

Invite creativity through intuitive design

We’re a design-driven company and we want our tools to reflect that. This refresh is more than just a facelift, it’s the first step on a longer journey. Our design and engineering teams work in lockstep to implement targeted and thoughtful changes. We continuously and passionately discuss the functionality and intent behind each iteration to ensure that we not only simplify things, but create new and improved workflows to improve the editing process.

For example, the new import mode is now a streamlined, media-centric experience that focuses on what social media video creators and editors need to do first – access their content quickly and easily. While the ability to simply import via the Finder or Media Browser is still an option for existing users, we’ve eliminated the need to read complex and confusing settings dialogs like New Project and New Sequence.

This creates a clear path for developers to start new projects, while also providing a better workflow for experienced editors by allowing them to import media from multiple file paths, preview clips from separate essence files stored in camera folder structures, and create favorite folders .

We’re also introducing a new header that seamlessly integrates the core phases into the editing process: importing, editing, and exporting. A task-specific drop-down menu for the work area and the quick export are accessible directly from the header. Users can quickly link to see what’s new in the latest build and provide feedback on the public beta with one click. This header will be a universal design element across all Adobe Creative Cloud applications to aid in the import / export process and to provide more consistency and familiarity as users navigate different tools.

Optimization of the export process

Today’s video producers and editors are constantly faced with the challenge of delivering content that is optimized for different social platforms and delivery formats with short turnaround times. This used to be complicated and difficult to work with in Premiere Pro without knowing the preferred specs of a particular destination. While most Premiere Pro users often create content for different places like social media, many don’t use the social export feature in the app – or even know it is there in the first place.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the Premiere Pro export experience from a format-first approach to a target-first design.

The new export mode makes it easy to export multiple files to a local drive and streamlines the process of delivering finished videos by focusing on the destination of the content. Users can quickly target either a specific media format or the social media platform they want to post to (e.g. YouTube), use automatic settings to render, preview before posting, and upload their video directly when it’s done is.

We are working on rendering in the background so that users can continue editing while their videos are exported and stay in their creative process. This enhanced user experience makes it possible to export videos to popular social media platforms quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the flexibility and performance that more experienced users rely on.

A guiding philosophy behind the update is to keep what people love most about Premiere Pro while adding what we’ve learned over the years to make it better. Our engineering team has over 60 years of professional editing experience and knows how effective changes can be for our customers who have been using Premiere Pro for years. We use caution in this process because we know that many of you will spend a lot of time with Premiere Pro.

We’ll be rolling these new experiences on a timeline starting this public beta to ensure our customers can provide feedback, explore the changes, and keep getting the most out of Premiere Pro. These changes are additive and do not replace the current workflow. We know how important muscle memory is and we don’t want to disrupt your flow in any way.

As mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning. We take a holistic view of the entire machining experience so that we can create a framework that meets the requirements of today and anticipates the possibilities of tomorrow. We are excited to introduce this first step in our new vision for Premiere Pro. More will follow this year.

Learn more via the new import, export, and header bar in Premiere Pro (public beta).

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