Predicting the Fall, Investor Earned 125 Thousand Dollars

A trader trading on the Binance Futures futures crypto currency exchange earned $ 125,000 today. We can say that the investor who managed to make such a profit despite the decrease in the Bitcoin price has implemented a good strategy by predicting the decrease. So, what is the trader’s place on the Binance leaderboard and how has his earnings changed in the stock market?

Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market today, the Binance exchange has a big winner. The investor, who showed that he has a strong vision against Bitcoin, which suddenly started to decline from $ 18,000, was able to grow its assets.

According to CoinGecko data, the Bitcoin (BTC) price has declined by over 11% in the last 24 hours and dropped to the level of $ 16,500. Bitcoin, currently priced at $ 17,000, has seen little ups and downs during the day.


The investor named WenLamboWenJet earned 125 thousand dollars today. It is seen that his weekly income is 6 thousand dollars. He made a total of 438 thousand dollars this month. If we take into account the gain he made during the day, we can say that the trader owes most of his earnings to today.

Binance also shared the investor

Binance highlighted the earnings of a trader named WenLamboWenJet on his Twitter account, “Did you see the inbound market drop? It looks like an investor named WenLamboWenJet saw it and managed to win. ” said.


Under Binance’s tweet, some users also stated that they are in a loss of $ 119,000, based on the weekly earnings of the investor.

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