Power devices of the L-series and more with this ZILR Power Kit

The NP-F970 Power Kit from ZILR is ideal for Z CAM shooters or those looking to power Atomos Ninja V or Inferno.

The camera accessories manufacturer ZILR has the NP-F970 Power KitHere you will find everything you need to keep L-Series devices running and a few more. The kit includes an NP-F970 battery, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to lightning cable, a 65W charger, and any AC adapter plug you need when traveling abroad need.

What is special about the kit is that the ZILR battery has a USB-C port, which you can use to supply multiple devices with power at the same time. Suppose you are taking photos with Z CAM. If you connect a USB-C cable directly to the battery, you can also power a smartphone at the same time. Or if you supply the ZILR battery with power Atomos Ninja V.you can connect a smartphone to the battery for a secondary monitor. The battery can also charge your smartphone.

Recognition: ZILR

The ZILR NP-F970 is a 10,050 mAh high-capacity battery and has an easy-to-read LED indicator when the battery is almost empty. When a charge is needed, the wall charger has the latest GaN chip, which means lower power consumption and more efficient charging. The battery also supports fast charging of your devices.

You can also connect the battery directly to a smartphone or tablet using one of the cables to power the device or charge it on the go. The cables allow for quick charging so your device is ready to use quickly. Both USB-C cables are made of high quality material. Therefore, expect them to meet the strict requirements of the production.

The NP-F970 Power Kit is available now for $ 249. If you don’t need all the extras, ZILR sells them NP-F970 10050mAh battery for $ 79 alone.

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