Postponing the premiere hinders opening theaters

Gradually, after months closed due to covid-19, European cinemas are reopening, but the big chains are still concerned about the series of postponements in Hollywood.

According to the American portal Variety, several companies had the debut of Tenet and Mulan to recover their breath after so long stopped. However, changes in release dates are disrupting exhibitors’ plans.

Although Europe has a huge film industry, it is Hollywood blockbusters that fill the halls in the local summer – the number of North American productions on display in France, for example, rises to 70% in the period. “If there are no premieres in the next few months, movie theaters may cease to exist,” a company representative told Variety. “They seem to have forgotten that up to 80% of the box office for most productions comes from outside the United States.”

On the other hand, the premieres are being reorganized according to the situation of the covid-19 in the USA. That’s because there is a fear that there will be no audience at the reopening of theaters in Texas, Florida and California, which are the main local markets.

Still according to Variety, the studios considered the possibility of launching the films in the European and Asian markets before the North American one. However, the concern about piracy makes Hollywood not comfortable with that.

The reopening in China

After a brief attempt in March, cinemas in China officially reopened on Monday (20). According to The Hollywood Reporter, there was a timid movement and the debut of only one national feature film. Across the country, ticket collection was $ 475,000, and the Chinese drama The First Goodbye topped the box office, grossing $ 186,000.

For the return of Chinese activities, safety and health rules were imposed according to which spaces work with 30% of capacity and there is a 50% reduction in the number of daily sessions.

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